Saturday, September 28, 2013

A walking ___________ gif

five quick sketch drawings for gif
example of a gif walking man
Create a character real (person or animal) or imaginary that can walk.

Draw your character in detail. Use the internet for ideas. Must have clothes, shoes, hair, 10 details to him or her.

Take this character and draw in 6 steps walking, following the worksheet example of walking.

Paint your six drawings. With the clothes and character in each drawing exactly alike (same height and width) except for it walking. 

Photograph, six drawings and put in an Ipad app called "5Seconds"

Complete the unfinished blog post and I'll put your gif on it.
Complete gif checklist sheet

7 worksheet papers
color pencils
checklist sheet

animation walk cycle

2nd part of this assignment is making your gif character out of clay.

For extra credit make a claymation video with your clay gif character.
claymation clip