Monday, February 17, 2014

Portraits: You, Nepal Orphan & Computer


One of my favorite projects that I find most rewarding to introduce, watch and see the results is the art as a "service learning" projects we do.  Art being an outlet for sensitive people, art used sensitively to teach, encourage sensitivity and responsibility to the world. The above pictures are of books we made for kids in Uganda with the organization "Books of Hope" and the project we are starting now with a grant from Donors Choose: making portraits for orphans in an orphanage in Nepal. Last year we made portraits for 10 orphans in Vietnam with "The Memory Project."  Students will draw portraits: one of themselves and one of the child from Nepal. Ten will be selected and delivered to the children in the orphanage in Nepal along with the artists self-portrait in a plastic sleeve. The art will be hand-delivered, photographed with the child and sent back to us along with a video of the children receiving their portraits.

 Three portraits:
1. self portrait
2. Nepal orphan portrait
3. computer portrait
Pinterest Board Computer Self-Portraits
Memory Project Painting Portraits of Orphans in Nepal
Donors Choose Grant for "Portraits for Nepal Orphans"