Sunday, August 31, 2014

iMovie Movie on "Why Teach Art" Quote & animation curriculum

1. Each table works on a "Why Teach art" quote. 
2. Write the saying on the paper and illustrate the words with color-25 pictures.
3. Write a story on your about your "Why Teach art" quote on your storyboard worksheet.
4. Take 25 photos with an iPad.
5. Open iMovie on the iPad.
6. pick a theme
7. import 25 photos from the camera roll.
8. Tap on the pictures to import them into your movie.
9. Add title.
10. Record a student telling the story as the pictures are playing on iMovie.
11. When finished export to Vimeo.

Animation Curriculum:

movies, stop motion animation, Photoshop;brush as pictures, cookie cutter tool creating art
a tool a week assignment, flip books, creating digital portfolio, gifs, claymation, digitally altered self portraits, Type face, Postage stamps, business card, Cd/dvd designs, scanner art, digital storytelling
I paint with spray tool Impressionism, greeting card, Drawing pads, iPad painting
drawing, tangram art, word art app, math art app...