Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ceramics at Riverview Middle


ceramic class assignments:

1. pinch pot tripod face with pattern
2. pinch pot animal with 4 legs.
3. Build a realist clay animal (2 pinch pots together for body)
4. Build an animal with patterns (2 pinch pots together for body)
Sketch first for each assignment.
Check with me and upload sketch to Artsonia.

Year Long Ceramic Class list of Projects:

clay postcard, clay globe, effigy vessel, cartoon sculptures, 5 mosaics on the gym wall, trangram tile, leaf bowl, pinch pot construction, coil construction, slab construction, clay whistles, 3d relief tiles, Animals,  people busts, clay people, Abstract plate, Celtic jewelry, Mexican clay suns, clay build-a-bear, clay cupcake, Ugly doll, Clay roses. flower vase, Cereal bowl, clay box/house, mask, bells, games, netsuke, Neriage/clay marbling, Storytelling doll, Texture turtle, Buttons, Stamps, Vase with stamps, Clay x-votto postcard, Planter, face Mugs, Wind chimes, pitcher, Name box, Puppets, Rattle, Greek vase, Effigy vessel, Bird feeder, Sgraffito Clay,  Egyptian paste, clay jewelry,  Color clay, Clay shoe, Clay toys that move, Burnishing, African tribal pot, Mold, Chia pet, throwing on the wheel...