Saturday, January 10, 2015

Field Trip to Bedford Art Gallery

Wednesday, January 21st. 50 art students are taking a bus to the Bedford Art Gallery in Walnut Creek. This is about 15 miles from Bay Point.  We will view the "Jealous Curator" exhibit, walk around Walnut Creek looking at Public art, make an art project, eat lunch and hop on the bus back in 3 1/2 hours. Whew!
Bedford Gallery Field Trip 2/2010
Bedford Gallery Field Trip 4/2010

Bedford Art Gallery

The Jealous Curator: From Blog, to Book, to Gallery 12/7 - 2/1

Public art - walking tour of Walnut Creek 

FAMILY, Richard Ellis, 1982
STRATA, Bruce Johnson, 1989
LOST IN THE MAIL, Jacques Overhoff, 1985


BOLERO, Robert Holmes, 1988
FOLDED SQUARE ALPHABET G, Fletcher Benton, 1984
8:55 -  all call for students to m.u. (students can get bagged lunches and ticket)
9:15 - board bus
10:00 - divide in 2 groups -
             one group walks around Walnut Creek with docent looking at public art
             one group looks at art exhibit and makes art with docents
............ then the groups switch and do what the other group did
12:00 - eat lunch
12:30 - back on bus to RMS
1:00 - back at school and back to class