Wednesday, May 13, 2015


 Fill out a choice worksheet listing the order you would like to do the following projects. Each project you will do a sketch, upload your sketch to Artsonia before you start. You will probable only have a chance to do a few of the following projects so list your favorite ones first. Before going on to the next project, the one before most be completed and photographed on Artsonia. We will still be doing "Friday Illustrations" in your sketchbooks for the first 5 minutes of class. There are directions for each project.

1. comic books or storybooks

2. iPad art


3.  Design a game board and deck of game cards

4. flexagon 


5. drawings on backpack

backpack drawings on Artsonia
backpacks on Artsonia
Pinterest drawings on Backpacks

6. Sharpie drawings on Starbucks cups


7. Clay Chia pet, clay shoe, clay build a bear

Pinterest Board Clay shoes
Artonia Clay Build a Bears