Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Creating a Creative Color Wheel with Colors


The scientist, Isaac Newton realized that the colors of the spectrum could be seen as a circle and invented the color wheel. Pinterest Baldauf color wheel board online interactive color wheels emotional color color wheel color flashcards color vocabulary Few projects do I do year after year with ever group of art students... Beginners to advance students learn something new from making a color wheel.  Color-wheels can be done in crayon, watercolor, color pencil or any media. Making a color wheel with color pencils shows students how color pencils can be blended. Making a color wheel with watercolor lets students learn about mixing paints. They only use red, yellow and blue watercolor paints. (I take the rest out of the set) Beginner students I have, outline the color wheels with crayon to keep the paint in the shapes. Advance students can make their own color wheels to paint. Color vocabulary can be covered: primary, secondary, cool & warm colors, hues, tints, shades and each of the luscious color words. An artist loves colors, loves color wheels and looking at and creating colors in a color wheels.