Sunday, February 21, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Create Your Own Plushy

                 felt monster from baldaufa on Vimeo.

paint your plushy then trace your plushy

Pinterest Felt Plushy

  • Draw your plushy (real or imaginary), paint, upload to Artsonia and then cut out template for your felt plushy.
felt plushy
  • Pick the color felt you want and slowly cut out front and back of your plushy.
  • Watch the sewing video and sew up 3 sides or glue, stuff and sew up the rest.

  • Stuff with polyester foam
  • Sew the last side.
  • Cut out pieces to add detail to your plushy (or color with sharpies) and glue on with fabric glue.
  • Photograph with the iPad and upload to your digital portfolio on Artsonia.
  • Write about what do you like about your plushy and what do you not like and would do differently.