Sunday, February 26, 2017

Artsonia - Your Digital Portfolio - Class Dojo

Artsonia changed how I teach art after 15 years. This website has become part of my curriculum. Each student’s artwork is photographed and uploaded. Each student has an e-portfolio of all the work they have created while in the art class.  When there is a free moment in the art room I put up a slide show of the most current art project gallery for students to watch and see their artwork and their peers.  There is also art from all over the world on this one site.

Each parent that provides an email address will get an email and link each time their child’s art work is uploaded to the site. They can also order t shirts, mugs and other stuff with their child’s art and the art program gets 20% of the $.

Being a busy art teacher, I never really had a chance to look at a student’s art for more than a minute. Now I can look at their work and critique the work and my teaching at home. When I do grades I look at the artwork online.  They have progress reports this year that you can print out with the student’s artwork and comments for each art they created.  When I am called in to a conference for a student I bring that student report with me.

Students like going to Artsonia and looking at the body of art they have created which they could not have done without Artsonia. They take pride in what they have created.

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When you complete an assignment, you turn it in by photographing it with the iPads, writing a statement,  uploading it to Artsonia and submitting it to the teacher who then excepts it or sends it back for further work. This becomes your own digital portfolio and what you are graded on. You never turn in a physical assignment.
Scan QR code (on the round iPad table for Artsonia.
find your name

Take photo and give your artwork a title.

Write 2 sentence statement about your art for each artwork submitted.
                                                              Review and submit.

And finally I review it and except or send back for you to do more work and resubmit. No artwork is excepted without a title and statement.

Artsonia Student Digital Portfolios

Artsonia Classroom

Students can use their phones by downloading a QR code
reader app, photographing their work and uploading.