Monday, March 19, 2018

Russian Art wirh Russian Portraits for The Memory Project

Pysanka eggs
Pysanka egg
St Basil's cathedral


overarching goal 
My overarching goal for this unit is for students with their art; to participate in a service learning project drawing accurate portraits of and for orphans in different countries and learn about the art & culture of that country.

·      Students portrait skills will improve with instructions in creating faces that have depth.
·      Students will research art in different countries and draw this art from different countries. 
·      Students will learn about different types of patterns and draw those patterns and use them in their portraits.
·      Students will work in different media mimicking Russian art: ceramics.

Students will draw 6 faces with creating depth with color.
Students will do research and draw different types of pattern.
Students will do research and draw 4 different types of Russian art.
Students will create a Pysanky egg drawing and clay egg.
Students will create a final portrait combining depth in color on the skin, patterns, Russian art and Pysanky egg in the final Russian orphan portrait.

    worksheet 1

    Skin color  worksheet with orange, red, brown, black, yellow: color 6 faces blending(using blending tool) adding shadows and highlights so face is rounded and not flat.

    worksheet 2

    Complete pattern worksheet using class art book set.

    worksheet 3

    Design two Pysanka eggs with Ukraine patterns using crayon and watercolor. Make one out of clay.

    worksheet 4

    Turn in completed packet to your teacher.