Sunday, May 20, 2018

7 choices

  1. comic book
  2. iPad art
  3. board game design
  4. Paper toys - Kaleidocycle
  5. plushy  **use preschool drawing for extra credit**
  6. backpack drawing - substitute assignment
  7. artist trading cards
  8. large drawing
  9. series of drawings in your sketchbook (4)
  • Each project you will do a sketch, upload your sketch to Artsonia before you start. 
  • You will probable only have a chance to do a few of the following projects so list your favorite ones first. 
  • Before going on to the next project, the one before most be completed and photographed on Artsonia. We will still be doing "Friday Illustrations" in your sketchbooks for the first 5 minutes of class.

1. comic books or storybooks


2. iPad art 


3.  Design a game board and deck of game cards

4. PAPER TOYS: flexagon - Kaleidocycle

5. Backpack drawing

6. Artist trading cards