Saturday, October 26, 2013

art class survey

200 students not having had art 2 years in a row

 Welcome to my world. My world is art. This is my world.
art history art room windows
Window thrown out because vice principal couldn't see out. Years worth a work.
math mosaic part
music mosaic part

What middle school student is on the cover of Time Magazine?

directions for Magazine Self Portrait 
Watch the video.
You are famous and on the cover of a magazine. 
Think why you are on the cover of the magazine and from those ideas, start... 

  • Your first name in a nice font.
  • Background about why you are on the cover.
  • Three words about why you are on the cover.
  • Paint with watercolors finish with markers.

materials you will need:
photograph of your face
magazine template
color wheel templates

Friday, October 25, 2013

Words that Create Art

  • Create a self-portrait word collage from magazines, cutting out and gluing words about you in the tray. 
  • From this collage you are taking the words and making a Wordle (word collage) on the computer.       
Word Collage tray by Sophia

Wordle by Esmeralda
Wordle by Anna

Saturday, October 12, 2013


The purpose of this blog is to have students use technology in the art room aligned with common core. Using art to learn about technology and using technology to learn about art. Blogging will have students writing, aesthetics and developing as artists.

It will also have links to anything art.