Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finish the blog

Second, third, fifth and sixth period art students:

Click comment and write in complete sentence.
My gif looks _______________
My ideas for this gif were ___________
I think my gif is ___________ because _____________
Add anything else you want to add about your gif to this blog now that you are official blogger.
I will put your gif on this blog with your writing.
Remember writing about your art is part of this class and part of your art grade too.
After you write PREVIEW then PUBLISH.

Monday, October 28, 2013

"Making a Mask" gif and "splatter paint" gif

gif of sketch for Jazmine's clay mask
sketch for Jazmine's clay mask
Jazmine's clay mask

Joanne'clay mask
gif of Joanne's sketch for clay mask

Jackson Pollock Splatter painting gif

Saturday, October 26, 2013

art class survey

Top 5 reasons Art is impoRtant to educaTion

200 students not having had art 2 years in a row

 Welcome to my world. My world is art. This is my world.
art history art room windows

math mosaic part
music mosaic part

Artsonia Review

Artsonia changed how I teach art after 15 years. This website has become part of my curriculum. Each student’s artwork is photographed and uploaded. Each student has an e-portfolio of all the work they have created while in the art class.  When there is a free moment in the art room I put up a slide show of the most current art project gallery for students to watch and see their artwork and their peers.  There is also art from all over the world on this one site.

Each parent that provides an email address will get an email and link each time their child’s art work is uploaded to the site. They can also order t shirts, mugs and other stuff with their child’s art and the art program gets 20% of the $.

Being a busy art teacher, I never really had a chance to look at a student’s art for more than a minute. Now I can look at their work and critique the work and my teaching at home. When I do grades I look at the artwork online.  They have progress reports this year that you can print out with the student’s artwork and comments for each art they created.  When I am called in to a conference for a student I bring that student report with me.

Students like going to Artsonia and looking at the body of art they have created which they could not have done without Artsonia. They take pride in what they have created.

What middle school student is on the cover of Time Magazine?

directions for Magazine Self Portrait 
Watch the video.
You are famous and on the cover of a magazine. 
Think why you are on the cover of the magazine and from those ideas, start...

Go over the requirements on the checklist sheets
Your first name in a nice font.
Background about why you are on the cover.
Three words about why you are on the cover.
Paint with watercolors finish with markers.

materials you will need:
photograph of your face
magazine template
color wheel templates
checklist sheet for the assignment

Friday, October 25, 2013

Words that Create Art

Word Collage tray by Sophia

This year in the art room we will have a technology part of each assignment whether with computers, camera, Ipads or camcorders. The first assignment for the year you made a self-portrait word collage from magazines, cutting out and gluing words in the tray that was finally laminated. From this collage you are taking the words and making a Wordle (word collage) on the computer.        

Watch the video that illustrates how you make a Wordle word collage. Try making one. print 2, hand in one and keep one. Try different fonts but remember printer is black and white.

Wordle by Esmeralda

Wordle by Anna

Saturday, October 12, 2013


The purpose of this blog is to have students use technology in the art room aligned with common core. Using art to learn about technology and using technology to learn about art. Blogging will have students writing, aesthetics and developing as artists.

It will also have links to anything art.