Saturday, November 16, 2013

De-stress the holidays with Clay

Table sheet for each 8 tables of clay face cups

Holidays are stressful with all the pressure to buy the perfect gift. Particularly for kids. Why not make the perfect gift?  Who can't use a new coffee or hot chocolate mug? Cups can be useful and works of art. -useful art-

 There are more suspensions, fights... this time of year. A good clay project the week before Thanksgiving vacation makes the art room a haven/hide out from holiday pressure. Something about clay that you don't get from working on a computer. There should be a class "Computers and clay" They balance each other nicely and they are the 2 most popular media in the art room. Clay projects from start to take home is a good 3 weeks time from making to firing to glazing to firing again for about 250 cups.

Start with an introduction of face cups on  Pinterest Board.
step 1:
Students  sketch and color the face mug they want to make.  


step 2:
Students use a thrown cylinder that is leather hard and add eyes, nose, mouth and shape the face.

step 2 1/2
repeat step 1 and 2 with an animal face. Using the internet to  print the animal face they want to make with texture.

 step 3
When the 2 cups are done and uploaded, Students write about them in the  Artsonia Cup Gallery - Classroom Mode for their final grade.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sketches and sketchbooks are important as a way for an artist to work out what they want to do.

Masks on Artsonia
Sketching in your sketchbook is an important part of the art class. You draw whatever you feel like drawing that day. No one tells you what to do in your sketchbook but you. What bothers you - you can draw. What's on your mind - you can draw. What you are happy about - you can draw and once a week one drawing you choose from your sketchbook will be photographed and put on Artsonia. Each assignment we do, you are required to think about and sketch before you start the project and work out ideas. Below are examples of sketches and the clay masks made from the sketches. Do you think sketching for a project is important (always)?
Esmeralda's sketch for clay mask
Laurie's sketch for her clay mask
Esmeralda's clay mask
Jhania's clay mask
Lauries' clay mask
Jhania's sketch for her clay mask
Brenda's sketch for her clay mask
Brenda's  sketch for her clay mask

Jhania's clay mask
Jhania's sketch for her clay mask

Dayana's sketch for her clay mask
Dayana's clay mask
clay box
sketch for clay box
Nayeli's sketch for her clay mask
Nayeli's clay mask