Monday, January 27, 2014

Create Your Clay Tag - Graffiti Art

The first assignment of the semester is creating your tag (signature). Like a monogram or writing your name in cursive but taking that a step further and developing a personal writing picture about you.
  1. First step is make the 2d tag 
  2. and then the next step will be making it out of clay in relief.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

BOOKS: Storytelling, Colors, Pictures and Words  20 drawings, 3 characters, 32 sentences, record, makes an AUDIO BOOK

audio book:  parts of your hand made book:
  1. title page
  2. dedication page
  3. story 
  4. back page summary
  • Complete the 3 worksheets:
  • story writing sheets
  • draw 3 characters
  • draw 2 places for your story to take place.
  • every page has drawings
  • every page had some color
  • Read your book to a friend or family member before you hand it in.
  • Extra credit read your book to the class.


Audio books: