Saturday, May 24, 2014

+ A cup: Landfill or a Vessel about Landfill+

foam cup
+ a pen
According the EPA each year Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups. What can you do with this Styrofoam cup? Put it in a landfill or draw a

landfill filled with Styrofoam cups on it or wherever your pen wanders through your mind back onto the cup.  It's a BLANK sheet for you to fill with lines that tells stories about your environment.
Artsonia Student Pen and Ink cups 2013

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Graduation Mural

One of the last projects for 8th graders is a group mural about graduating from middle school. How do you feel about graduating? Are you celebrating, sad, worried, happy, apprehensive or a bit of all these? What will the day be like? Draw your ideas on the large canvas and you will also have a chance to paint it. This will be displayed for graduation and the award ceremony. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Unique Chocolate Bar Wrapper for a Caregiver

Create a chocolate bar wrapper for a mother, grandmother, stepmother, caregiver, aunt, teacher or even a father with a wrapper designed by you this mothers day. Think about what a caregiver is and with pictures express and create your wrapper design using the template provided. Use patterns, pictures and words then color, cut out and paste around the real chocolate.

Graphic designers and illustrators get paid to do what you are doing for this project. 
For extra credit design and print your wrapper on the computer.