Monday, October 6, 2014

Art Class Assessment using an Online Digital Portfolio with Artsonia-Student Mode

step 1: When you complete an assignment, you turn it in by photographing it with the iPads, uploading it to Artsonia and submitting it to the teacher who then submits the photograph of the art with your statement. This becomes your own digital portfolio and what you are graded on. You never turn in a physical assignment.

step 2: Find the QR code reader app on the iPad and open it.

Step 3: Look in the notebook for the QR code for your specific  art assignment.                              

Scan QR code.

Step 4: Click on "Go to URL"

                   Step 5: This takes you to Artsonia Classroom. All students in the art classes at RMS name is listed by class and grade. Find your name and click on it.

         Step  6.  Take a photo of your art work and upload the photo.                                   

Step 7:  Crop your photo or retake if it can look better.   You can also rotate the photo or brighten the photo if it needs it.

step 8:  Add a title. (What did you photograph?)                                             

Step 9: Add a statement about each artwork you photograph. Look for a question prompt.

Step 10. Review your artwork and then submit to the teacher.                                                                 


FINAL STEP: Teacher reviews your artwork, statement and either approves it or sends it back for you to fix the artwork, write another statement or take a picture again.

Artsonia Student Digital Portfolios

Artsonia Classroom

Students can use their phones by downloading a QR code
reader app, photographing their work and uploading.