Sunday, February 01, 2015

Artist Documentary for Cornerstone N.C.C.A.S. Media Arts Assessment Pilot 2014-15

The 8th graders  in art classes at Riverview Middle will be one of a select few students in the United States piloting the new Media art standards for the National Coalition for Core Art Standards. This is the first time ever media art has been included in the art standards. 
The media art assignment is to create a documentary on an artist of your choice. You will make a 2 minute movie.  
Start by thinking of your favorite artist, favorite artwork and do research online and in the library. 
Next you will be making a storyboard and writing a script to be read by you in your artist documentary 2 minute movie. 
Start the final, fun process of importing pictures, into Live  Movie Maker or iMovie on the iPads and recording you reading your script. 
On this page is links to free music, pictures and sounds. The final proficient movies will be sent to N.C.C.A.S. as part of their piloting the new media art standards for 8th grade.

  • Make your short movie using iMovie on the iPad or Windows live MovieMaker.
  • Use pictures, clips from videos, drawings in your short movie to express who this artist is. You can do this by your choice of pictures, sounds, colors, video snippets, and graphics that evoke this artist...This is an important part of your movie.
  • Record you speaking the script you wrote.
  • Google any problem or ask me to find YouTube tutorials for you. 
  • What kind of media artwork is it?
  • What do you see, hear and experience in this media artwork? (You have sound, movement, story, pictures.) Much going on that needs to be brought together creatively.
  • What is your documentary for and who is it for?
  • What do you like or dislike about it? What you dislike change/revise.  

RUBRICS for Assignment