Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Mosaic-Memorial-Digital-Collage Art Portrait

Memorial Digital Mosaic Tray from baldaufa on Vimeo.

  • Decide on who. It needs to be someone who has died. It can be someone you know or it can be a famous person, a president, a wrapper or an artist…

  • Fill out the worksheet about the person.

  • Cut out the skeleton and skull and glue to tray. Think of what position to put the skeleton. Glue the skull on the back of the tray.

  • Go on the computer and get pictures about the person's things. Copy and paste on a Word document. One page. Print

  • Cut out the pictures and arrange them on the tray..

  • Cut out the clothes and glue on.

  • Use the metal to cut small strips or triangles like a mosaic.

  • Paint only one color. The favorite color of your person.  Leave the rest black and white like a newspaper. Only color is the clothes and the metal mosaic pieces.

  • Write their name somewhere. You can have some writing about them if you want.

  • Skull on the back of the tray should be filled with patterns, colors and lines.