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Review of Scholastic Art Magazine & Giveway of a Yearlong class Subscription to Scholastic Art Magazine

  There are  6 issues published each year by Scholastic Art magazine, an art magazine for middle school and high school students though there is lesson plans for elementary school also. This last years issues were:
  1. How to Read Art: featuring David Hockney, Georgia O’Keeffe, Diego Rivera Kehinde Wiley
  2. Working with Ideas: The Art of the Campaign
  3. Working with Light: featuring Edward Hopper
  4. Working with Form & Function: Objects from World Cultures
  5. Working with Value: Ansel Adams
  6. Painting Right Now: featuring Kerry James Marshall, Nijideka Akunyill Crosby, Li Shurui, Katharina Grosse
Each issue comes with a teacher's guide for elementary and high school, standards covered and an online digital issue for teachers and students. On the Scholastic Art website is the current issue as well as archives of past magazines, art videos, art skills sheets, hands-on projects, art jobs, art posters, and art news. The digital issue augments the Scholastic Art magazines you get in a bundle every couple of months with your subscription.

Pluses +

  • You and your students can read the whole magazine online and if you have a class set of iPads, like we do at  Riverview Middle, students can read Scholastic Art magazine on their iPad. 
  • The page titled web link in each digital issue gives students the opportunity to delve deeper and get more information about something they discovered in their Scholastic Art magazine. 
  •  Careers in art, that is on the last page of every issue of Scholastic Art magazine, should be the cover of every issue!! I've learned about careers in art that I never knew about and it's great to expose students to what is out there, what education they need, if they decide to make a career in art.
Videos are under 2-5 minutes and tie in with each magazine issue.  The videos aren't on YouTube or Vimeo and can't be embedded in your blog. Scholastic Art magazine also includes Student of the Month, highlighting a student and their art work.

Scholastic Art magazine is an art magazine for middle school and high school with lot's of pictures. I don't know of any other art magazine like it. 
  • I find it is the best way to introduce students to what is currently going on in art in the 21st century every couple of months with the latest magazine issue. That alone makes it invaluable
  • I like the digital edition, videos, iPad app, careers in art and the web link page. The students I teach have no idea what is going on in art except through the field trips we take each year. 
My classes do not usually do the art projects in each issue but skim over them. I don't build the art curriculum I teach around Scholastic Art magazine projects but when there is a project that fits into the our art curriculum, -rewind- I will go back and take out that issue of Scholastic Art magazine and then do the project. I try to have students take care of the magazines so I can save them and use them again.
I use the worksheets and older magazines for when I need a substitute lesson also.


**To be entered in the drawing for a yearlong subscription for Scholastic Art magazine. Post a reply to this blog with your email address and how you use Scholastic Art magazine in your class by August 15th.

Prizing and samples provided by Scholastic.
Review samples provided by Scholastic.
I have partnered with Scholastic to bring you this giveaway.

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Taking a screen shot

Taking a screen shot on with Windows 10:

Taking a screen shot on an iPad:

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animate art rules

  1. Each table picks one "Why Teach art" quote.  
  2. Write the saying on the paper and illustrate the words with color - 2 pictures a person.
  3. Write a story  about your "Why Teach art" quote on your storyboard worksheet.
  4. Take a photos of each picture with yourt iPad.
  5. Open iMovie on the iPad.
  1. pick a theme in a iMovie
  2. Import your photos from the camera roll.
  3. Tap on the pictures to import them into your movie.
  4. Add title.
  5. Record a student telling the story on iMovie.
  6.  When finished export to Vimeo.

National Junior Art Honor Society

Riverview Middle has had a chapter of The National Junior Art Honor Society for the last 3 years. NJAHS is run by the National Art Education Association.
  • Last year members completed community service with face painting peers during lunch once a month.
  • Members went to the nearby pre-school and painted faces of all the pre-schoolers.
  • Members  recycled markers for 3 years straight with Crayola. 
  • Each year their artwork is published in the National Art Honor Society Magazine
  • This years member took a hike (5 miles) and had a picnic for their end of year field trip.
  • Members this year earned NJAHS t-shirts, membership cards and a NJAHS certificate.

shipping markers to Crayola

Art Room

iPad Art with Symmetrical Art on iOrnament

kiln, extruder, slab roller, wedging table
active board
15 computers in the art room
3D printer

Your Sketchbooks and Portfolios