Saturday, December 13, 2014

A treat, an Art and an Advent Calendar - calm and focused -

Why is it that the week before break can be hectic or a calm, focused classroom. All around the art room can be chaos but walk in the art room doors and students are ready to create. Five days before break the art classes do an advent calendar with a treat and an art project each day. Weaving, jewelry making, clay ornaments (made & glazed), scratch art cards and gingerbread people from a sketch they draw. Projects like Gods eyes, and snowflakes can be continued over vacation or sketchbooks taken home to draw in. These projects can be given as hand made presents or kept or put on trees.

                                               5 days before vacation






4 days before vacation

wooden  jewelery








3 days before vacation

Gods eyes weaving
Smarties Pinterest Board
The Weaving Series: God's Eye (Ojo de Dios)

2 days before vacation

1 day before vacation

Gingerbread people

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's a Snow Day-Let it Snow-Snowflake Cut-day

Pinterest Snowflake Board

Decorate the halls with snow flakes. Glittery Snow Flakes.
Today we will make white paper 6 pointed snow-snowflakes for the music concert next week. Let it Snow (this is California and we get rain if we are lucky) We will listen to "Let it Snow" and watch the tutorial on how to make 6 pointed snowflakes. Fold your paper as shown and draw your design before you cut it out.See how wispy, thin your star can be. Don't forget to put your name on it and photograph on a dark piece of paper.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Coloring Book, Paper Mache & Color Wheel

Make an animal black and white zentangle coloring page sheet.
- Pick an animal and draw the outline only.
- Inside the animal include drawings about where it lives, it's habitat, food it eats, family life, friends, home and any other interesting facts you can draw.
- Connect what you draw with zentangle lines (lines tangled) Remember you are creating a coloring page.
- Go over your lines with black marker only.
- Upload to Artsonia for coloring book page.
- After you have uploaded the black and white coloring page, paint your animal with warm colors and background with cool colors.
color wheel
 Complete both sides of the color wheel worksheet. One side has color labels one side does not.
paper mache animal 
- Make your animal out of paper mache. Crumple and tape newspaper and cover with paper mache strips.
- Draw zentangle lines and animal details on the dried paper mache animal then paint and shellac.


Earth Art International 
zentangle animals Pinterest Boards  
cool and warm colors 
spirit animals and animal totems 
Oaxaca Paper Mache animals on Pinterest 
zentangle lessons 


zentangle - lines tangled
habitat the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism.

- Henry Matisse 1869 –1954 - Paper Cut Outs -

Pick a one word theme and draw your ideas on your sketchbook cover.

Cut out color paper and glue on. Color the entire page with blocks of large colors.

Layers of paper and no brown of the sketchbook showing.

Last step add line drawings with Sharpie until it looks finished to you. 

Coat with "Mod Podge varnish"  to protect.

* Upload to Artsonia.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Save Me with your Imagination!!!" said the turkey to his Artist Friend.

HeLP ME!! said the turkey!!

Your pet turkey is going to be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. Help your pet!! Draw a disguise and draw a hiding place for your turkey. What's your plan? Can you draw it?

When you upload your picture to Artsonia explain your plan to save your turkey. Most imaginative in each class gets a chocolate vegetarian turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Disguise the turkey so he won't get caught and eaten!!!
Artsonia Turkey in Disguise Gallery
rock painting pinterest board