Saturday, December 13, 2014

A treat, an Art and an Advent Calendar - calm and focused -

Why is it that the week before break can be hectic or a calm, focused classroom. All around the art room can be chaos but walk in the art room doors and students are ready to create. Five days before break the art classes do an advent calendar with a treat and an art project each day. Weaving, jewelry making, clay ornaments (made & glazed), scratch art cards and gingerbread people from a sketch they draw. Projects like Gods eyes, and snowflakes can be continued over vacation or sketchbooks taken home to draw in. These projects can be given as hand made presents or kept or put on trees.

                                               5 days before vacation






4 days before vacation

wooden  jewelery








3 days before vacation

Gods eyes weaving
Smarties Pinterest Board
The Weaving Series: God's Eye (Ojo de Dios)

2 days before vacation

1 day before vacation

Gingerbread people