Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where do ideas come from?- Theme Based Art

The beginning is not easy and that is how it is.
The next 2 weeks, until the end of the semester, we are doing theme based art projects. You are given a theme-statement and you are to illustrate/draw with pictures expressing that idea. A professional illustrator and graphic designer are given ideas to illustrate. What can you think of that is entirely your own idea? Do you get the idea first or do you start doodling and then the idea comes to you as you draw? No one way is right and sometimes a combination of working from an idea and then letting that idea change as you work can be right for you. 
I sometimes start with an idea but usually I doodle and ideas come to me as I am drawing.  
Do you start with a conscious idea or tap into your unconscious, feeling, non-verbal side of your mind? How do you create? Not knowing what to do, feeling like you can't do the drawing, then starting is the creative process.
You can get ideas from Google image searches but then use your own ideas. 
Due dates
Doodle 4 Google                           Wednesday 3/19
Energy quest                                  Wednesday 3/27
Peace Poster                                  Friday         3/29
Mount Diablo Peace Poster Contest
Artsonia -  Mount Diablo Peace Center Art 2013
Mount Diablo Peace Poster contest 2014

 Let us consider the ways we can work together to celebrate the diversity of our world.  Mr. Mandela speaks of "community" and Dr. King speaks of "neighborhood" and "brotherhood."  Using your unique, artistic voice, create a visual interpretation of diversity, multiculturalism, community, or brotherhood.
Ideas to Consider:
Think about new ways of bringing people together.  Remember a time you experienced a new culture, became friends with someone different from you, or challenged a stereotype.

Energy Quest 2015 Calendar Contest!   
"California's energy future is dependent on its student's understanding of how energy affects their daily lives," said Commission Executive Director, Robert Oglesby. "The calendar art contest is a fun and creative way for students to explore pollution-free energy sources such as wind, geothermal, and solar energy, and how these technologies can improve society and the environment in the 21st century."

energy story
Devoured by Dark
art gallery
Saving Energy
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Artsonia Riverview Middle Energyquest 2013
This years theme: If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place...