Sunday, December 20, 2015

Illustration Friday - Earn 100 point a week for completed drawings.

Illustration Friday

Each week you will get a word to draw about in your sketchbook from the website: Illustration Friday. 
  • Draw whatever that word makes you think. 
  • Include at least 10 details. 
  • Color with markers, paint or color pencil. 
***YOU CHOOSE what materials to use and what to draw. *** 

Some weeks I will cut out something and give to you to include in your drawing such as last year I gave each student a soccer ball, pencil, 
M & M,...

  • Upload to Artsonia each week for your weekly sketchbook grade.
  • Give the drawing a title and write a one sentence statement reflecting on your drawing this week.
  • Extra credit is doing an extra drawing each week of your own free choice.